Q: What should I expect during a Healing Touch/Reiki Session?


Prior to the first Healing Touch/Reiki appointment, clients are asked to complete a brief questionnaire. The first appointment begins with a conversation, during which the responses to the questionnaire are reviewed and questions are asked that range from how the individual is feeling that day to what his or her goals are for the treatment. Since the client’s well being is of utmost importance, the relationship that is established between practitioner and client is a partnership.



After a caring, compassionate discussion, the individual will lie on a massage table while an energy assessment is done to determine what Healing Touch technique or Reiki Symbol would be most beneficial at that time. Throughout the treatment, the client remains fully clothed and will be asked to remove his/her shoes.


During the session the practitioner either makes sweeping movements over the body or using light touch, gently places her hands on areas of the body to facilitate clearing the congested energy. A feeling of deep relaxation and sense of well being are the usual responses experienced by clients. One of the most frequent responses is, “I feel peaceful.”  Music will be playing to help facilitate the client into entering this deep state of relaxation.


A mantra may be given for the client to use during the treatment to focus their mind if it tends to wander.  Healing, Happiness, and Love is a commonly used mantra.  A special location or image can also be a focal point to keep the mind from wandering during the treatment.

It is typical for the client to experience sensations during the treatment that ranges from tingling, temperature changes, a sensation of sinking into the table, or floating off the table.  Some clients see various shapes, colors, or images during the treatment.  Often times, the arms or legs will become slightly spastic as energy releases out of them. Sometimes, clients fall asleep and don't experience anything at all during the treatment, except for deep relaxation and that is completely normal as well.  

Energy releases in different ways.  Energy may release in the form of crying or tears.  If this occurs, I am there to support the client as this release occurs, and will continue on with the treatment.  

At the end of the treatment, it is encouraged that the client drink water to help with toxin removal and energy congestion removal from the body.  Water intake should be increased for the next couple of days (as long as there is no water restriction from your physician).   It is encouraged that the client pay attention to any changes in their physical body, emotions, and mental state in the time between sessions as there can be significant changes and shifts in various areas of one's life.  Journaling about your experience after a Healing Touch and Reiki session is recommended.


Q: How long does a Healing Touch/Reiki session last? 


An initial visit involves a 20 minute intake assessment followed by a Healing Touch/Reiki treatment.  A typical session lasts about an hour although some may take a little longer depending upon the goals to be accomplished for the session. The actual time of the treatment is 50 minutes.  


Q: How much does a session cost?

​Initial Treatment and Consultation:  $140

Follow up 1- hour treatment- $100.  

We also have gift certificates available for treatments for $140.   

We accept cash, check, Venmo, and all major credit cards.

We now accept HSA/FSA cards.


Q: Do you have any specials or deals for referrals, repeat visits, or packages?



*   If you receive 10 Healing Touch/Reiki Treatments, your 11th treatment is $50.

*   If you buy a package of 3 treatments, it is at the discounted price of $270.   That is $10 off per treatment!

*   If you write a Yelp or Facebook Review of Healing Nurses, your next treatment is $10 off!

*   Sharp Hospital Nurses and Black Tag Members of Core Power Yoga receive $10 off a treatment.

Q:  Should I tip my Healing Touch Practitioner?


Tipping is always appreciated for our service, but never expected. 



Q:  Will I be clothed during the session?

Yes, you will be fully clothed and you may want to dress comfortably. It is recommended to remove your shoes for a treatment.  A blanket is provided for your comfort.  I suggest bringing a pair of socks if you are wearing sandals.  Feet typically get quite cold during a treatment.


Q:  What happens after the treatment?


Following the treatment, recommendations for self-care are made and a self treatment is explained so that you can continue self-healing in between sessions.  If needed, a follow-up appointment is scheduled and goals are set for ways to enhance well-being and accelerate the body’s natural healing ability. In addition, there are times when referrals may be made to other health-care practitioners.   It is encouraged that you stay adequately hydrated for the next couple of days.


Q:How often would I have to be seen?


If you have an acute condition such as recent surgery, recent injury, or actively receiving chemotherapy; more benefit is derived by a Healing Touch/Reiki treatment once a week for 2-3 weeks.

If you have a chronic condition, the practitioner will suggest that you be seen once a week or biweekly for four to six weeks as it sometimes takes up to three visits for there to be a noticeable benefit.  Healing Touch and Reiki treatments build upon each other and have cumulative effects.  It took a lifetime for the congested energy to build up so it is reasonable to expect it to take multiple treatments to clear that congested energy.   Your chakra system has cellular memory and will need to build up that memory of how to keep your chakras open with each treatment.


Q: Is Healing Touch/Reiki like getting a massage?

The only way Healing Touch/Reiki is like massage is that you lie on a massage table for the treatment. 

With massage, muscles are manipulated and pressure is applied. When doing Healing Touch or Reiki, the practitioner uses very light, gentle touch and/or makes sweeping movements with her hands near the body.  Healing Touch/Reiki is working with the body's energy system and energy field.

Q: What if I do not like to be touched?

All the techniques can be done without the practitioner directly touching you and will be just as effective.



Q: Do you have to be a certain age to receive Healing Touch/Reiki?

You can be any age to receive Healing Touch/ Reiki – from newborn to the elderly.   However, in my practice, I only see adults over the age of 18.


Q: What if someone is not able to come to you for a treatment, do you make house calls?

Unfortunately, due to my busy schedule working at both the hospital and my healing practice, I am unable to go to homes, hospitals, nursing homes and hospices at this time.  

Q: Do you have to believe in Healing Touch or Reiki for it “to work”?

You do not have to be a believer for Healing Touch/Reiki to be effective.  You can keep your skepticism and it will still work, even if your conscious mind thinks its "a little out there".  


Q: Do you recommend that Healing Touch/Reiki  be used in place of traditional medical care?

Absolutely not. Healing Touch/ Reiki should be used in conjunction WITH – not instead of – traditional medical care.

Q:  Do you do speaking engagements or events.

Yes.  I love speaking in front of different types of audiences.  I have previously spoken at Yoga Teacher Training classes, nursing schools, hospital departments, and at various health related support groups.  My speeches are typically an hour to hour and a half long.  It entails sharing my story of overcoming a traumatic brain injury with Healing Touch, an explanation of what energy medicine is, and demonstrating a healing touch technique that participants can use at home on family and friends.  For more information about speaking engagements, please contact me.

Q:   How can I find classes on Healing Touch?

Classes can be found at www.healingbeyondborders.org  or www.healingtouchcalifornia.com

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Andrea is a dedicated healer. She has a passion for your wellness and a sensitivity to your emotional self. I have received treatments from this professional practitioner and even though life bends me out of balance, she knows how to bring me back.  This therapy is deeper than any massage I have had and feels twice as relaxing."

-George N. San Diego, CA






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