The Heart Chakra

January 30, 2014

February is Heart Health Awareness month.  In honor of this special month, we are going to tell you all about the most important Chakra we have, The Heart Chakra.  The Heart Chakra is the 4th Chakra in our energy system, located in the middle of the chest, and it is the transitional point between the lower three and upper three chakras.  To understand more about what a chakra is, check out our previous blog “The Basics of Chakras” .  


The Heart Chakra is the center of unconditional love.  It is through this center that we give and receive love for others as well as ourselves.  The main endocrine gland that governs the Heart Chakra is the Thymus Gland which plays a major role in our immune system.  The organs and physical body associated with the the Heart Chakra are the heart, lungs, breasts, sternum, arms and shoulders.


Optimum functioning of the Heart Chakra will provide unconditional love, compassion, innate  harmony, empathy, forgiveness, a sense of well-being, healthy heart and lungs, and a strong immune system.  When this center is open and balanced, we experience all of the above as well as having a positive attitude, a sense of gratitude, trusting others, and an alignment with our higher purpose in life.  


When the Heart Chakra is congested or unbalanced, dysfunction of these organs and emotions can occur.  Heart disease, chest pain, auto-immune diseases, breast cancer, and lung disease may manifest with a prolonged imbalance of the Heart Chakra.  The emotional and mental dysfunctions that will occur are unresolved grief, holding grudges, feelings of guilt, sorrow, inability to trust, loneliness, hate, and anger. 


The color associated with the Heart Chakra is green and it’s secondary color is pink.  Green symbolizes harmony, abundance, love, health, and nature.   The color green helps to revitalize the energy system, balance the heart and blood pressure, and calm the nervous system.  If you identify with crystal energies, green and pink stones are best for the Heart Chakra.  This includes Rose Quartz, Jade, and Emeralds.  


The Heart Chakra is the most important chakra used in the healing process.  All energies travel up through the spine and into the heart chakra, then down through the shoulders and arms to the palm chakras where energy is transmitted to the client or self.  


An exercise you can do to help with opening your Heart Chakra is to place your hands over your heart, visualize the color green, repeat the mantra of “Healing, Happiness, and Love”.  Envision energy flowing up through your feet, through your heart, to your arms and send it back to your heart through your palms.  Begin a practice of gratitude as a grateful heart is a healthy heart.  These simple practices can help to open and maintain balance in this energy center. 


To have this fourth chakra energy fully touch our daily life requires intent and practice. This begins within our self, for without the ability to love ourselves, we cannot truly experience love from another or give it truly to another. In loving ourselves we allow the intent to generate the feeling of unconditional love within us, and then to share this feeling with others. Whatever we send out is returned to us.  Here at Healing Nurses, we wish  you a healthy and loving February as we celebrate the month of the Heart Chakra.  

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