Journaling as a Healing Technique

February 22, 2014

   You may have seen or heard us mention that journaling is a helpful tool in the healing process. Most likely, we assigned you journaling as "homework" after a Healing Touch treatment to help facilitate personal growth and healing. So, how does journaling help one heal? 


   Journaling is a form of therapeutic writing that can help with personal growth, development and healing. Journaling is not a new concept, yet it is often overlooked as a self-healing strategy. Journaling is a practical, healing tool that is available anytime, anywhere, for free! Your journal is always ready to "listen" to what you have to say.


   Writing in a journal allows you to be open and honest with yourself. Knowing that no one else is going to read your words, you can write openly, free of judgement and without any criticism on your grammar. This type of honesty is therapeutic by allowing you to freely express your true self and your heart desires. Being honest with what you are feeling, whether you are writing quickly in anger or slow in sadness, will allow you a safe emotional release. Getting it all out on paper will prevent you from holding in your emotions so you can move on with clarity and peace of mind.


   Journaling will allow you to identify personal patterns and recognize growth. Use your journaling time to reflect back on your day, express your frustrations or release anxiety and fears. As time goes on, you can look back at your journal entries to identify what may have caused a certain behavior or reaction and allow you to make changes to avoid making the same mistake. You can also look back into your journal to discover how much you have grown, transformed and healed, which can give you the encouragement to continue on your healing journey.


   Journaling doesn't have to be like writing a fancy article for a magazine. You can write about whatever you feel like, for how ever long you want to and in any format you choose. You can also type a journal in a private folder on your computer instead of using pen and paper.


   An easy way to start journaling is to write about an emotion you're feeling or problem your facing and give yourself 15 minutes to just let your thoughts flow onto paper. Then take a moment to read what you wrote, reflect on it and then go ahead and add on from there. Try journaling for 15 minutes a day and increase the time or frequency as you become more comfortable expressing yourself on paper. Notice that journaling allows you to be in the present moment by slowing down your thoughts, helping you to focus on the now and what you are experiencing.


   Writing is so simple, yet it is so go get your journal and let the healing begin!

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