Use Your Intuition

May 14, 2014

Use Your Intuition


   Have you ever had that instinct feeling that made you feel like you knew something without being able to explain how you knew it? Or what about the gut feeling you get when something doesn’t seem right. Perhaps you feel a vibe when you walk into a room. These are all examples of Intuition.


   Intuition is “knowing” something without being able to explain how you consciously came to that conclusion. Intuition is made up of useful, archived data that your brain organizes into patterns for later use. As you gain knowledge, your brain adds to the patterns, creating long-term memories, so that when you see or feel a tiny piece of the pattern detail you immediately recognize the full pattern in a flash of Intuition. Another example of Intuition dates back to ancestral women who needed intuition or instincts to tune into their infants to ensure their survival. This explains why today, women have an edge when it comes to Intuition!


   Using your intuition can be an important step in making decisions or helpful in preventing negative situations. Use your rational brain (look at the facts) when you’re faced with something like hiring someone for job.


Here are 5 easy steps to get in touch with your Intuition.


  • Trust Your Instincts. It may be hard to listen to or trust a feeling that you don’t fully understand but in retrospect, that instinctual feeling is usually right. By trusting your instincts, you tap into subconscious data that you may not remember on the conscious level, such as body language or energetic information. Even though you can’t articulate the feeling, it is valid.

  • Listen to Your Gut. Often times when you “know” a decision or situation is wrong you get discomfort in your belly, that is why they call it a “gut feeling.” Go with this feeling, it’s telling you something may be wrong.

  • Meditate. Clearing your mind of repetitive thoughts or worries will make it easier to listen your Intuition. Find a meditative technique you are comfortable with and start practicing by sitting quietly and asking yourself a question. Listen to the first answer that comes to mind, that is your Intuition helping you find the answer.

  • Keep Record. Every day, use your Intuition to make a decision about something simple. Write it down in an Intuition Journal using statements like “I have a feeling…” or “My intuition tells me…” Make note of any sensations associated with your intuition like discomfort, visions, emotions or feelings. Look back in your journal to see often you are right to help you learn more about how to recognize and follow your intuition.

  • Exercise your brain. Intuition is drawn from the right side of your brain, which also controls nonverbal, holistic thought and expression. The more tuned up your right brain is, the better you can hear your Intuition. Exercise your right brain with activities like dancing, painting or coloring, practicing guided imagery, brainstorming, journaling…simply be creative.


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