I have had the absolute pleasure of receiving a treatment from Andrea! Andrea has a presence about her...when you meet her, she instantly makes you feel warm and comfortable. She explained what she was going to do and why! As a nurse, I appreciate this and it made me feel more at ease. Andrea has done numerous Healing 

treatments on me since she started Level One and they have become more intense with each new level achieved. Everything from the music, ambiance, smell, feel and outcome have been a ten for me! If you want to experience total relaxation, decrease pain, improve surgery outcomes, rid the body of toxins or just get a better nights sleep I highly recommend Andrea. All it takes is one treatment to get hooked. I have experienced colors, tingling, heat, cool breezes and total relaxation leading to sleep through the healing touch treatments.

    -Danielle F.  Santa Barbara, California

Spiritual awakening was my first experience with "Healing Nurse", Andrea,  Before my first session, my body was aching, fatigued, and out of balance. My thoughts were wandering and unable to focus. After the session, I was full of energy. My body was in balance, with no more pain and my mind was clear and 

focused. I actually had a close personal conversation with Andrea concerning my life, family and career because I was so emotionally moved by the session.  I am a true believer in Healing Nurses.

     - Bryan A.  San Diego, California 

       Retired Police Officer, Body Builder

I have had the blessing of being treated by Andrea Mutascio several times and each and every time has been wonderful! Whether it was for a physical pain that I was experiencing, or an emotional fear that I was feeling, or simply a need to feel nurtured by someone and to "let go", Andrea's healing touch always brought great results. I felt incredibly safe with Andrea (from the moment I met her) and really felt that she was very in tune with her gift of healing. I remember feeling the presence of her healing before she even started the hands on treatment. I always felt better after a treatment with Andrea than I did before, and her love for Healing Touch always shines through! Thank you, Andrea! May many others be blessed by your touch!

      -Catherine D.  San Diego, California


Andrea is a beautiful soul. You can feel the spirit of giving flowing from her eyes and her smile. If you are in need of healing or just a balancing, I highly recommend her.                                                  -Pam G.  San Diego, California



I had a session with Andrea today and could not be happier with my experience! She is an amazing light who really knows what she is doing. I walked out of there feeling a million times better physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually :) I feel so balanced and relaxed. I would definitely recommend going in for an energy healing!

      -Cristal M. San Diego, California



I Love Andrea!! As a Reiki Master & Energy worker myself, I have not met another healing touch practitioner with such a natural ability to connect & really open & balances everything. She is a bright light & caring soul. I feel safe with her and always leave feeling mentally, emotionally, & physically better. I highly recommend Andrea!    

       -Kali B. San Diego, California


I loved my experience!  I first met Andrea at a Mind/Body/Spirit night with CorePower Yoga and was so excited for my first treatment; it was equal parts relaxing, meditative, and healing. In this crazy fast-paced world it's so important that we slow down and make time for ourselves and our own healing; energy work of this kind is essential! I can't wait for my next treatment. 

       -Alison D. San Diego, California

Last year I endured a few accidents leaving my right arm in a sling.  I will spare the details but I am right handed and it was a challenge.  In October, I began to see Andrea for some holistic energy work.  At first I was not sure what to expect.  I decided to open my mind for a second even if I did not fully understand what and how these Eastern techniques and approach to medicine and healing works.  It has been 13 sessions since and anybody who knows me will tell you I have made a rapid come back.  Both physically and mentally in the last few months.  In addition, I have learned much about the energy fields around our subtle body and the very real chakra system that greatly affects our well being.  This has been an eye opening experience for me as I come from a strong Western Philosophy background.  

       -Chris B.  San Diego, California

I started my sessions a few years ago with the incredible Andrea. I was going through emotional trauma and anxiety at the time. She was able to support me through each session with tenderness, compassion and incredible knowledge about energy & the chakra system. I love how much knowledge she had about self-care for home practice. I highly recommend Andrea for healing not only the physical body, but emotional and mental state too.

      -Meli A. San Diego, California

What Andrea does at Healing Nurses is really amazing. She uses her amazing knowledge and experience with energy work to help heal anything from traumatic injury pain to emotional stress. The most amazing part is there are no side effects from any medication, no need to keep coming back endlessly, or medication tolerance over time. After each visit you feel better and better until you are back to your old self, unlike other treatment modalities I know of where they keep finding a reason to have you come back. 
Healing Touch, which is the type of treatment Andrea practices, is AMAZING and I would recommend it to anyone. There is benefit to you no matter what you having going on in your life. Andrea is kind and understanding. She takes the time to listen to you and your concerns. She is SUPER passionate about what she does and it shows through her. She has helped me with many things in my own life to and I recommend her to all my friends!

      -Jessie O. Encinitas, California

I recently got married and while a happy occasion, the stress of planning was affecting my health. I went to Andrea on a recommendation and was a little skeptical of if it would make a difference and WOW. I could not have been more impressed with her work; I literally felt lighter afterward; I had more energy and my head felt clear. She was incredibly professional and kind, and I immediately felt comfortable with her.

       -Olive S.  La Mesa, California

I have been seeing Andrea Mutascio for Healing Touch for a couple of years. I started out just a wreck...I had gone through breast surgery and radiation treatments and was looking for some help with healing not only physically but emotionally. I started to feel better after the first treatment and so I thought I would be finished after a few treatments. Well.... I felt the benefits and continue to see her to this day.
My body responds faster to the treatments every time I see her. Kind of like muscle memory I suppose....
I highly recommend Andrea.

       -Audrey S.  Poway, California

Honestly, I wish I could give Andrea more than just 5 stars. She's an amazing healer with an amazing talent. I went to her with emotional trauma and layers of anxiety and wish I could have found her much sooner, even though I'm only 20. Every time I attend a session I come out feeling stable, in control, and so much lighter and happier. By having Andrea focus on my energy and really work on it,  I've been able to open up and start being honest with myself about my own problems. Without Andrea, I'm not sure when or if I would even get to the point where I felt empowered and confident enough to face my own trauma and anxiety and work through it. She's helped to make such a difference in my own life it's unbelievable. In little over two months of going to Andrea, my personal relationships have improved ten fold and I deal with stress much more quickly and efficiently. Andrea is a joy and I always feel 110% comfortable around her. I would recommend that anybody who needs it go to her. She's the best. 

       -Raechel H.  San Diego, California

I can't say enough about how amazing my healing touch experience was! I had my first treatment with Andrea and she was great! I had been dealing with a lot of stress in my personal life when I had my treatment. I felt more relaxed than I had in weeks during my treatment and for a while after as well. I'm looking forward to my next healing touch treatment to help me de-stress! 

        -Laura L.   San Diego, California

Andrea is a Sharp ICU RN & Reiki Master Practitioner. As Reiki Practitioners, we also need Reiki. This is the Universal Principle of Giving and Receiving. Energy exchange. To heal, we must be healed. Not only did I experience a miraculous healing of my lower back (bulging disc / stenosis) when I stood from her Reiki table, my physical therapist is going to get Reiki certified! Coincidently, he just returned home from visiting family in Columbia and his aunt did Reiki for him. He said his experience shook him to the core because he could not explain what happened to him. Fast forward, a few days later I am mentioning Reiki to him and he can see how Reiki Energy healed me. Do I still have a bulging disc with stenosis? I don't know. I would have to get another CT scan. But what I do know is that I feel like a million dollars and I am balanced. My Energy is flowing. I am energetic. My Mind, Body, and Spirit feels lifted and BALANCED. I can literally feel the Energy flowing. Andrea has inspired me to become a Holy Fire Master Reiki Practitioner and take my Reiki practice to another level. Hopefully, my hospice patients will benefit and the increase in Reiki Energy will assist them with their transition. Thank you Andrea.

         -Veronica M.  San Diego, California

I experienced Healing Touch for the first  time the evening before my wedding. As expected, I was feeling anxious about the following day. Andrea created a serene and peaceful 

environment and began the treatment.  With my eyes closed I could feel a sensation of warmth traveling throughout my body. Afterwards I felt so peaceful and relaxed and was able to get a great night's sleep on my 

wedding day.   Professionally I treat patients with blood cancers. In my clinic we have a Healing touch specialist who provides treatments to patients during chemo. I have witnessed patients experienced decreased nausea, pain and anxiety related to treatment. My patients are often fast asleep soon after the treatment and are able to complete their chemotherapy uneventfully!

        -Jessica R.  Boston, Massachusetts


Andrea is truly amazing. I found out about     healing touch through a Brain Injury support group. I thought her story was amazing about how healing touch healed her and cleared her symptoms from a brain injury. I look forward to my appointments with her and the relaxation and peace it                   brings.My experience with healing touch

has really changed me and made me so much stronger. It has taught me about my inner energy and how to calm the things I can control so those that I can’t don’t overtake my mood/attitude. It has given me so much more peace as well as drastically decreased my headaches and migraines that come from my brain injury.

       -Katie B. San Diego, California

I was a little nervous before my Healing Touch treatment with Andrea because I really didn't know what to expect. The second we started all my nerves went out the door. Andrea was amazing at making me feel comfortable and described the process. During the treatment I tried not to think too much and let Andrea do her work. Andrea has a very assuring, calming sense that only added to the experience. The treatment itself made me feel deeply calm, centered and extremely positive. An interesting note about afterward: I asked her if she felt anything interesting around my belly as I suspected I might be pregnant. She said not particularly but did include that I felt very "ready". Fast forward 2 months later and I learned I was expecting. I did the calculation to when I conceived and it was just a few days after the treatment! Crazy, no? I would consider it time and money well spent to visit Andrea regularly, and I would if I didn't live across the country from her. I couldn't recommend Andrea enough.

       -Rachel B. Orlando, Florida

I was suffering from a lot of discomfort throughout my back and neck after two straight weeks of snowboarding. I went to multiple RMT's but experience minimal relief. After one session with Andrea and her healing touch I felt very relaxed, most of the pain dissipated and I felt like I was finally on the mend. Thanks Andrea!

       -Tyson G.  Toronto, Canada


I was traveling in Costa Rica when my ankle started swelling up due to a twist or unknown bug bite. I found it very painful and difficult to walk. After Andrea spent 30 minutes doing healing touch on my leg/ankle the swelling went noticeable down and I had relief from the pain for a few days.

       -Andrew R.  Toronto, Canada


Andrea is a dedicated healer. She has a passion for your wellness and a sensitivity to your emotional self that may surprise you. I have received treatments from this professional practitioner and even though life bends me out of balance, she knows how to bring me back.  This therapy is deeper than any massage I have had and feels twice as relaxing. The benefit from these treatments is hard to quantify. I just know I feel more relaxed and more like myself after she finishes. 

       -George N. San Diego, California

Andrea & her healing touch are such a blessing. she is a gifted & very nurturing soul. My daughter is a coworker of Andrea's in the SICU. One morning she called so excited to relay an amazing story about what she had seen in the unit the night before. My daughter witnessed first hand, the power of Andrea's healing touch. Andrea helped a man find relief from agonizing phantom limb pain that night using Healing Touch...Something no amount of pain medication had been able to do. I was intrigued & began taking classes in Healing Touch myself as I am also a nurse. On a whim I reached out to Andrea after taking level 1. Never having met her personally,  she could have just politely answered my questions. Andrea was so generous with her time & so enthusiastic & committed to helping others ...I knew from our first conversation that she was a keeper. 
I LOVE LOVE LOVE going to see Andrea !!! When I leave a session with her I feel such a lightness in my chest, I breathe with purpose & my head always feel so clear after I leave . The world needs some HEALING TOUCH!!!! Go see her & let her help you find renewal in your body down to your soul. You will simply not regret it!

      -Deb B.  San Diego, California

I started Healing Touch sessions with Andrea a couple years ago to help the healing process from a couple difficult injuries. Broken collarbone and torn bicep on the right side of my body. With her help I was able to recover and slingshot to becoming stronger than I have ever been. I feel great and attribute a lot of that to the holistic approach I took.  Still to this day I go to see Andrea for regular treatments and have remained as healthy as ever!  I rarely get sick and my energy level is consistently high. I recommend Healing Nurses as a wonderful option for treating your general health and to help recover from injury or illness.

       -Chris B.   San Diego, California

I have been the fortunate recipient of Healing Nurse treatments on multiple occasions. Every time without exception I come away feeling so much better. As an active person I push my limits physically and regularly need treatment for over use injury, as well as the mental stress of pushing myself so hard. At first I was more than skeptical about the power of energy healing and was anticipating a nice nap. I was shocked when Andrea helped me to find the real source of my pain and anxiety through her knowledge of energy healing and her ability to see people as more than human bodies to be treated. Being in her presence in itself is very calming; you can tell she is seeing you without judgement and is 100% present and listening. She was given a gift in her ability to heal and I count myself lucky to have come across this gem.

        -Stephanie P.  San Francisco, California

Andrea is a true professional! Being a fellow critical care nurse, I am keenly aware of the depth of dedication she has to her patients and clients. I went to her struggling with maintaining  "balance" in my life and came away feeling rejuvenated, renewed and " lighter." Andrea maintains her Critical Care career in addition to her private Healing Touch practice. I admire her dedication to helping many others find a "balance" and a tool for wellness through Healing Touch and Reiki treatments! I love how she has published stories of her own personal healing journey, overcoming a traumatic brain injury. I highly recommend her to MY friends and patients too!

         -Trish W.  Encinitas, California

Andrea Mutascio is a phenomenal healer. I've had many Healing Touch sessions and Andrea is the best of the best. She has the understanding and skill of a nurse coupled with the gifts of an energy healer. She is filled with joy and enthusiasm for what she is doing. You can feel the love energy flow from her to you. 
She combines Healing Touch with Reiki. The synthesis is more powerful then either technique alone. During our intake she cut right to the underlying emotional issue of my dis- ease. And gave me things to think about that I hadn't considered. My session was very deep. I often can't relax while getting a treatment. But I forgot where I was. I thought I was home. That is how comfortable I was. I felt better physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually when I finished my session. A lot of stuff cleared and I felt empowered. I highly recommend Andrea. 

        -Renee V.  San Diego, California

Andrea and I crossed paths a couple years back and I am so glad my life journey intersected with her! She has an amazing ability and gift to treat the human body through energy and touch. I am absolutely amazed at how well I feel when I leave her office. Her kindness and compassion during a treatment never goes unnoticed. If you have never tried a treatment like this, I highly recommend it. Andrea helped me through some imbalances and overall well being and has truly taught me about maintaining focus around my mantras. Looking forward to my next visit!

     -Robin B.  San Diego, California

Words do not do this review justice.  As a data oriented, binary driven, western medicine leaning, historical evidence based person with an open mind; I truly had no idea what to expect...just none whatsover.  Basically, my approach has always been medication and therapy.  However; Andrea's healing touch treatments are mind blowing!!  I am a person with various physical ailments (back, knees, neck, etc.) coupled with anxiety, sleeplessness, etc.  A treatment from Andrea is worth its weight in gold!!  Pain and anxiety relief, not to mention just the Zen like relaxation and true meditative state that you will experience.  In addition, the tools that she will give you to work on yourself from a self-care perspective are just invaluable.  Physical, mental, and spiritual work is life-long for me and I can't say enough good things about the positive benefits of Andrea's treatments.  Healing Touch deserves to be apart of, shoulder to shoulder, with any comprehensive treatment plan approach in the world.

      -Burke M.    San Diego, California

Andrea Is great! She is very gentle, compassionate, takes time to make sure you are warm and comfortable. Explains in great detail what she is going to do. I would highly recommend her.

        -Cheryl E.  San Diego, California


Andrea is a dedicated healer. She has a passion for your wellness and a sensitivity to your emotional self. I have received treatments from this professional practitioner and even though life bends me out of balance, she knows how to bring me back.  This therapy is deeper than any massage I have had and feels twice as relaxing."

-George N. San Diego, CA






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